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Global Top Systems - New age Pellet Burners

Tecnology without borders

“The GTS pellet burners, contemporary and constantly evolving, is designed and constructed by Global Top System, a company with a wide range of products divided in three series: the economic series, the full series and the premium series. Their function is completely autonomous and operational. 

 The electronic control panel attached to the burners, fully automatic, can be adjusted to all pellet types in the market, so that the burner can operate perfectly, safely and economically to cover every consumer’s needs. The GTS pellet burners, Premium series, are equipped with a patented self-cleaning system of the combustion area, so that to avoid any problem occurred during the use of bad pellet quality. 

 The GTS pellet burners can be installed and adjusted to every diesel boiler, wood boiler, bakery ovens and hot-air boilers as the combustion ashes can be cleaned periodically. The GTS pellet burners is carefully designed during every step and engaged to the European Union demands.”